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Arm Ermelo

What used to be an old post office, this historic building is now the home of Grand Café and Restaurant with the Schippertje expertly crafted and mounted to beautify the space. With the different moldings and rosette patterns installed, the Schippertje has transformed this once dejected office space into a stylish modern café and restaurant with a hint of ageless elegance.


By applying a well-designed coving, matching frames, and beautiful rosette patterns, the once bare-looking ceiling surface is now a space filled with sophistication and timeless beauty. The overall design actually complements this particularly large area. The extensive use of light and captivating colors bring out the unique and stylish design of modern tables and other furniture in the room. The combination of bright colors and modern furniture gives the café a grand yet homey feel that guests will truly enjoy.



For such a large space, the addition of a nice architectural ornament like the Het Schippertje and the tight-knit frames, as well as the rosette-adorned chandelier mounted on the ceiling, have essentially given the room a simple yet timeless appearance. In the other areas of the café, the same overall theme and patterns were applied to promote a more uniformed look and consistent ambience, with the exception of the large spaces where additional ornaments like chandeliers and rosette pattern moldings are added to give the otherwise bare ceilings a bit of color and life.

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