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Bride Case Kooning

Ornamentation in the Biggest Bridal Shop in Europe

On the 14th of November, the largest bridal fashion boutique finally opened its doors to the public. Bride Case Kooning opened with a bang, with lots of entertainment and amazing displays for the guests. Several well-known Dutch celebrities made it to the party, such as Andy van der Meyde, and renowned singers Hind and Ernst Daniel Smid. The area where the shop stands is around 4500 square meters big, featuring its own indoor beach, which gave the guests a truly amazing experience. It took months of preparation and remodeling to complete this beautiful bridal shop.


Schippertje is honored to provide this particular shop with a sundry of beautiful and timeless pieces of ornaments. The shop is huge and filled with open spaces made alive and colorful with the intricate ornaments and carved cornices our assembly team has installed. The beautiful and unique design of the ornamentation gives the place a remarkable fairytale-like ambience, befitting a bridal shop. The combination of the high, industrial-looking ceiling and the low-hanging soffit list is undoubtedly an excellent idea. The wedding dress displays are made of rectangular boxes and placed outside and adorned with heavy and intricately designed cornices.



Both second and ground floors of the bridal shop are decorated with a myriad of Corinthian Capital style pillars, with rings on both the top and bottom. The walls are covered with mirrors, with beautiful frames that feature plaster slopes and ornaments in the corners. The themed, ambient rooms are adorned and decorated with meticulously designed soffit lists like the KL70, which can be found at the center of an ornamented piece, the T-KL70.


Walking through the bridal shop will give each guest a sense of excitement and wonder. It feels like walking in a dream world, which is actually what shop owner Ramona Poels was aiming for when coming up with the interior design for the Bride Case Kooning.

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