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Inside this classy pub is a finely crafted schippertje ornament that adorns the ceilings and walls of the entire room. Although the schippertje is built entirely of plaster, the quality of the finish still looks very authentic. Built with the exact dimensions to ensure a proper fit especially along the corners, the schippertje (KL-100) gives life and beauty to an otherwise dull space.

When it comes to using plaster molding, the possibilities are endless. With the right specifications and dimensions, the KL-100 can transform any room into a haven of timeless beauty and elegance. In this particular design, the KL-100 is made to match the dimensions of the ceiling to the tee. LED lights are then installed along the paneling, giving the finely crafted panels a bit more depth. This particular design is quite revolutionary in the world of plaster moldings. In addition to the perfectly placed LED lights, the majority of the plaster molding is covered with wood grain staining. This is a special technique that provides a more natural look for the moldings and gives the pub a rustic feel.


In addition, the color palette of the design not only provided the rustic feel in the pub, the overall theme has completely improved the ambiance of the room. It complements the look the designers are trying to achieve. The custom-built arched windows and mirrors are hand crafted along with the ornate plaster work around the frame. All the features shown in this room can be applied almost anywhere. The key is getting the precise dimensions to make sure that everything fits correctly.


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