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Disco Harder Plaza

The Schippertje has also made a variety of moldings and ornaments that are installed in the entertainment center of the Harders Plaza. You will find finely crafted moldings and ornaments along the ceiling of the entertainment center leading to the various rooms of the plaza.

At the entrance of the entertainment area, you will see a collection of finely crafted ornaments installed along the ceiling, matched with beautifully designed coving. A set of frames divide the ceiling into sections, while a large intricate rosette ornament is placed at the center to fill the huge empty center of the ceiling.


Rosettes with intricate designs adorn the ceilings of the entertainment hall, with stunning chandeliers hanging beneath each rosette. If you look at the image, you can see two identical ceilings. Although they seem identical, there’s actually a difference in the frame. An extra frame is installed on the first ceiling, with the frame on the inside portion adorned with oak leaves.


In another room, you will see a beautiful ceiling with a unique coving design atypical to the common coving patterns you normally see.


A wide soffit, attached to a column or console, helps separate spaces between rooms. On each side of the entryway, two consoles are fitted to provide a nice look to the ornament, whichever room you may be standing in. It also gives the different ceiling designs on each room more distinct.

Looking at the ceiling from the center will give you an idea of just how magnificent the overall design really is. Frames adorn the sides of the ceiling, with beautiful angled rosettes that occupy the corners perfectly. Half rosettes are also present on each side of the frame. The centerpiece is a fine rosette with a stylish chandelier hanging beneath it.


This particular ceiling features coving that consists of two moldings. The rosette at the center adds ageless elegance to the design, while the chandelier gives the coving more depth.

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