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Haarlem house

Haarlem house

The Schippertje played a major role in the interior design of the house in Haarlem. The team produced and installed the lists in this particular project. Like many of our proudest creations, the ornaments, moldings, and ceiling frames in this house are custom-made to match the dimensions of the structure. All the beautifully designed ornaments you see here, from the rings found on the ceiling of the dining room to the fireplace fitted with a soffit list that serve as a chimney cove, are custom-built to accommodate the interior design of the house. Some of the moldings and ornaments used on this project include:

• Perk List L46
• Perk List L1
• Soffit List KL90
• Perk List L31
• Perk List L31A
• Ring 1031
• Custom Rings


The living room features moldings that are both stylish and modern. And with the classic chimney design, you get the best of both worlds. In this image, the inner and outer corners are visible. The assembly process of these moldings was quite a challenge for the installation team; but as you can see, they’ve done quite an excellent job.


On the ceiling of this room, you will find two rings with different sizes. One ring is bigger so that it encloses the smaller or inner ring. The design gives the rosette a richer and more vivid appearance.


This particular room is equipped with a bay window, which was built some time ago, to make the area look more spacious. To accommodate this architectural design, the Schippertje has installed tight framing on the ceiling. Since the ceiling is not a perfect rectangular or square shape, the assembly team had to customize the frame moldings as well, which requires a great amount of skill and expertise. The centerpiece of the ceiling is a rosette enclosed in inner and outer rings.


Along the bay window, you can see that the frame moldings are equally spaced, even along the angled sides. This very fine piece of work is true craftsmanship. Plus, this particular design idea has essentially given the room a richer and more elegant look as it complements the core theme of the house.


Carefully crafted moldings and ornaments can also be found in one of the bedrooms on the first floor. The L31 and L31A moldings comprises the framework on the ceiling of the bedroom. The circle Ring 1031 serves as the centerpiece, which has the same features as the other centerpieces installed on the other rooms of the house. The overall design closely follows the Amsterdam School style.


The rosette placed on the ceiling above the banister features the same characteristics as those in the other rooms of the house. It is comprised of an inner ring and an outer ring, which captures the main essence of the home’s theme.

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