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The Schippertje has also provided and installed various ornaments to beautify the interiors of the Dennenheuvel Hotel in Epe, specifically the ceilings in the entrance, bar, and restaurant area. The intention is to promote a vibrant and fresh look to the areas mentioned.


In the reception area, the overall theme focuses on using lighter shades of color to achieve a clean and modern look. Taking a different approach in design, Hotel Dennenheuvel added a few darker shades to mix in with the light colors, resulting in an elegant mix of classic and modern appeal.

The ceilings and walls inside the hotel are closely linked with the use of a close-fitting kooflijst. In the bar, the ceiling features a tight trim with a beautiful finish. The installed coving adds to the classic beauty of the room. But in keeping up with the mix of classic and modern theme, the bar is equipped with sleek bar tables to achieve a modern look. The added spotlights complete the whole idea of the design.

For the restaurant, similar ceiling design and patterns are applied. A close-fitting kooflijst is installed on the ceiling as well. The coving gives the area a bit of depth, making it look more spacious than it actually is. A rigid plinth is also installed at the bottom of the wall of the restaurant.

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