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This mansion in Harderwijk is another great example of the limitless capabilities of Schippertje when it comes to producing magnificent art décor. This particular house is adorned with two varying styles, Art Nouveau and Louis XIV. Once you enter the house, you will be immediately greeted with a classic style chandelier hanging from a delicately crafted large rosette. The sophistication and elegance of the design should give visitors a small taste of what the house represents in terms of interior design and style.


At first glance, the ceiling above this living room looks simple enough. The moldings and ornaments that adorn the room are subtle enough so as not to cause any distractions to the overall theme being represented here. But if you look closer, you will begin to notice the fine detail being put into the design. You will also see that the two different styles being incorporated here are quite evident, and that they are the key elements that give this room its classy ambiance.


A nice curtain valance is also installed on the windows facing the garden, adding a hint of style and elegance to the room.


Extra gradients are added about 30cm from the soffit list, which runs through the whole living room. At the corners, fine Art Nouveau style rosettes adorn the space featuring the typical long-stemmed flower figures. The Art Nouveau style décor is quite apparent throughout the house. In every room and every corner, you will find rosettes with different curves, shapes and patterns common in Art Nouveau.


The two rosettes visible in this image are also inspired by the Art Nouveau style. They may seem simple, but they add to the sophistication and beauty that the house exudes.


Unlike the living room, the kitchen of this mansion features Louis XIV style décor, which is a huge contrast to the Art Nouveau-inspired interior of the living room. The two contrasting styles do not normally mix in one particular structure or home design. In this case, however, the combination of both styles actually complement each other. Some of the typical features of Louis XIV style décor are not present here, however. Instead, only the rosettes and molding styles are adopted into the design of the ceiling and the kitchen interior.


The centerpiece of the ceiling has a very fine finish. The detailing is exquisite and worth mentioning. The whole ceiling is equipped with a myriad of soffit lists, beautiful ceiling frames, corner ornaments, curtain valance, and of course, the large rosette at the center. But even though the design may seem too much, it actually doesn’t feel that way once you enter the room. The atmosphere remains subtle and soothing.

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