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House in Naarden

Many interior moldings and ornaments that feature a modern design are used on this particular project in Naarden. In this ultramodern home, the ceilings are equipped with tight-knit covings and close-fitting gradients giving the house a uniquely modern appeal, which is what the owner really wanted. The following moldings are used to accomplish this modern design:

• Soffit List KL70
• Curtain Valance GK15


The wide variety of moldings and ornaments the Schippertje can develop, produce, and install into the client’s home, office, or place of business makes it possible for our diverse clientele to get the look they really want for their interior. With the number of interior design ideas the Schippertje can cook up, you can now design and decorate your home according to your taste.


In this particular room in the Naarden house, you will notice that the curtain rails by the windows are not really visible. This is achieved through the installation of a curtain valance behind the cornice to hide the rails. And since the materials used to make both enhancements are made of gypsum, the mounting and installation process was rather easy. This particular design has given the room a sleek and modern appearance.


Today, moldings and ornaments are no longer restricted to living rooms, receiving areas, and dining rooms. The bedroom is another great place to add enhancements like moldings and decorative ornaments. Now, you can lie on your bed while enjoying the great beauty and tranquility of the beautiful molding design and intricate rosettes on your bedroom ceiling.

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