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Town hall Gouda

In the spring of 2012, the Schippertje was among the many entities that contributed to the design and construction of a new town hall in the city of Gouda. The old town hall was becoming too small for its purpose, so the people in charge have chosen to replace it. It was then decided to construct the new town hall in the city next to Station Gouda. The newly constructed town hall in Gouda is easily recognizable due to the glass and brick design pattern visible from the outside. When you enter the town house, you will be greeted with a large reception area with a beautiful staircase that leads to the second floor. Looking up, you will see a beautifully designed semicircular wall. This particular structure consists of 2165 G-ornaments manufactured by the Schippertje.



The G ornaments that are intricately installed in the town hall of the city of Gouda create an amazing 3D effect. If you look closer at the wall, you will see the G patterns are actually meticulously crafted and arranged, creating a variety of images. Some look at the wall and see windmill blades, while others see an organized chase of G ornaments. Creating this intricately designed wall presents a significant challenge to the assembly team. But the true test of the Schippertje team’s craftsmanship and skills lies in the overall design of the wall, and not just the G patterns. The entire motif is really quite a dare for the whole assembly team, which they’ve completed successfully beyond all expectations.


G-ornamenten-in-huis-van-de-stad-gouda-300x200 ornamenten-muur-stadhuis-gouda-300x224

The wall ornaments cover the entire wall, from top to bottom, and on all sides. The 3D effect is exceptional, even as the onlooker walks around it. It is visible on practically all angles. This is really quite a remarkable feat considering the extremely small interior.

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