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Lola 050 Groningen

Heavily Ornamented Ceiling in Louis 14th Style

Lola 050 GroningenIn August 2013, Ornaments and list foundry Schippertje engaged in an exciting project to adorn a space in Louis 14th style in the center of Groningen.

In early August, Henri Wermeskerken wanted to open a café in Harderwijk that features a Louis 14th style décor. He had an idea of a ceiling design that is more appealing and intricate than the one in Versailles. He wanted to have a ceiling with trims and features painted in gold leaf surrounding a large painting at the center. With this idea in mind, we began planning and coming up with ideas that came close to what Henri had wanted. Finally, we came up with a beautiful ceiling design that Henri likes. The design features a double kooflijst; the KL100 (a large kooflijst with consoles that divide the angles into sections) and the KL80 (a kooflijst with acanthus leaves that comes out of the ceiling as if they are growing from it). The angles, tilts, and slants on this design are remarkable. They are made possible by the different varieties of support patterns and kooflijst. Some of the slopes are adorned with finely crafted oak leaves. In the mid-section of the ceiling are two circles with a diameter of 280cm—or 9 feet—each. And inside are the beautiful ceiling paintings.

The two circles, which surround the paintings, are themselves enclosed in four-sided frames. The four corners of the frames are adorned with magnificent ornamental flowers that look like they have been growing there all along.

Placed along the corners of the ceiling are beautiful large ornaments that connect at the center via a particularly large flower. Six acanthus leaves and bulbs adorn the ceiling, providing a 3D effect that is truly amazing. The entire ornament is comprised of 13 sections that are carefully put together by skilled craftsmen.

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