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Mansion Vanenburg

In the Vanenburg house, the Schippertje not only produced a magnificent job on the ceiling moldings, but delivered on the quality and efficiency of the design as well. With the expertise and excellence of its own assembly team, who have done a marvelous job, the Schippertje is proud of this particular project. And as you can see in the photos, there are actually two different mounted ceilings.


The Schippertje delivers on many aspects, from basic ceiling molding installations to the more complex and intricate ornament design work. And although industry standards are quite common in this business, we also accept the challenge of customization projects. The ceiling designs on the images are great examples of our customization capabilities. The conference room, for instance, features a rectangular ceiling with close-fitting kooflijst.


On the ceiling frames, you can see that there are extra angles that require some delicate craftsmanship. At the center, a large oval frame is fitted to a tee. To complete the whole motif, a closed panel incline is fitted on the side of the ceiling, just about a meter below.


Both the conference rooms in Vanenburg have several windows that have to be incorporated into the design of the ceiling moldings. A number of Schippertje curtain covings are installed to accommodate the windows. And to complete the design, three chandeliers are installed to hang from the ceiling.

In another room, the ceiling has a rectangular shape. The moldings installed in this room are made to an exact shape and measure to properly fit the ceiling. Tight-fitting soffit lists are then attached where the ceiling meets the walls in order to achieve a more uniformed look.


The ceiling is divided into sections by using extra gradients in different frameworks. About a meter below the ceiling panel, a tight-fitting incline is installed to provide a much cooler look. At the center of the ceiling, enclosed in a circular-shaped molding, is an intricately crafted large rosette where a matching chandelier was attached.

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