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Modern Style House

The Schippertje provided and installed the ceiling frames and various ornaments in this house. Gradients and angled ornaments dominate the main theme to give the home a more modern look. The stylish moldings and beautifully crafted ornaments add value to the property. This particular house is equipped with close-fitted moldings and relatively smaller rosettes and inclines, which is actually becoming rather common in today’s home interior designs. The following are some of the perk lists and rosettes used in the interior of the house:

• Perk List L36
• Perk List L37
• Perk List L38
• Custom Drawn Rings
• Hoekstuk H 46C


In the receiving hall, near the entrance of the house, the ceiling is adorned with fine detailed moldings that will definitely capture the eye of guests and visitors. At the center of the ceiling is an intricately crafted rosette, giving the room a timeless elegance. It fits perfectly with the overall design of the room, whether you’re going for a classic or modern theme.


By using wide gradients on the ceiling, it creates a nice look on the overall appearance and complements the theme of the design quite seamlessly, especially around the corners where the wall meets the ceiling.


If you look at the image, you will see that there are two types of frames used in this ceiling to create a kadervak. Both frames fit together for a reason, since this type of combination is often used on many structural interior designs. The style is quite common in the Amsterdam School. If you’ve been there, then you’ll probably notice the similarities in the style.


Our team of designers and creative consultants came up with a unique design to submit to the client. And the image that you see here is what they’ve come up with. It’s a circular design with inner and outer rings that come together seamlessly through the use of intricately crafted ornaments (H 46C). With the addition of a beautiful chandelier, the whole design really captures the essence of the theme.

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