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Now known as the Amicitia Hotel, the Pallas Hotel was also one of the proud accomplishments of the Schippertje assembly team. The Schippertje provided the inclines and moldings for the hotel’s ceilings, as well as the beautifully crafted tables in the restaurant and the hotel rooms.


The ceiling in the hotel restaurant features a traditional Art Nouveau design. The distinctive style is recognizable through the curves and winding slopes and inclines, as well as the braided plant stems in the motif. A variety of Art Nouveau ornaments are also installed in the room, like the slender female figures, which are a common feature in Art Nouveau design. On one side of the room, where the ceiling meets the wall, a close-fitting soffit slope is installed to complement the whole theme.


On the window side of the room, a series of curtain valance is installed to conceal the curtain rails. The ceiling is divided into sections using varying frames in Art Nouveau style. Different extra angles and slopes are applied here as well. And if you look at the image, you will see that the ornaments used in the room match the overall motif quite perfectly.


The Schippertje has also decorated the other rooms with different moldings. With the use of covings, the ceilings in certain rooms look a bit larger than they actually are. Curtain covings are installed on the window side to give the hotel rooms a more spacious look. Tight marginal gradients are added to complement the design of the rooms’ ceilings. The rooms also feature intricate rosettes on the ceilings, enclosed in beautiful framework. The bathroom of the honeymoon suite features elegant soffit slopes that look magnificent with the overall theme of the room. For more images on the different ceiling designs and moldings in the hotel, please refer to the official website of Amicitia Hotel.

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