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The Schippertje has contributed to the overall design of this showroom in Lelystad. The various moldings and ornaments you see on the images are all created and installed by the Schippertje team. Let’s go for a walkthrough on the virtual showroom, shall we?


The ground floor of the showroom features a design that relies heavily on light colors with very little contrast. The ceiling is connected to the walls on both sides with the use of covings. The ornaments on the ceiling have two types of frames that are connected together through intricate ornaments carefully placed on the corners.

At the center of the room, a beautifully crafted rosette adorns the ceiling. This relatively large rosette design has a diameter of about 180cm or 70 inches. A beautiful chandelier hanging from the rosette completes this amazing centerpiece.

To achieve an old-fashioned kitchen design, a beautifully crafted chimney is mounted on the wall above the stove, complete with some smooth slopes and intricate lines.

In the bathroom area of the showroom, you will find a beautifully crafted ceiling with smooth-lined frames and corner ornaments that adorn each of the four corners of the framed ceiling design. On either side of the ceiling hangs two chandeliers that illuminates the room quite subtly.


The ceiling of the bathroom area is connected to the walls by way of a soffit list, which is designed to complement the overall motif of the room. The centerpiece of the ceiling features a meticulously crafted 100cm diameter rosette.

In the small reception hall of the showroom, you will notice a heavy ornamented ceiling with beautiful lines and intricate corner ornaments. The lines form a nice frame that houses four corner ornaments and a perfectly installed rosette at the center, where another chandelier hangs gracefully.

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