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In December of 2013, the Schippertje was enlisted to work on a project for the Grevin wax museum in Prague, Czech Republic. This is the second Grevin wax museum in Europe, which opened in April 2014. The museum is an exact replica of the theater where John Lennon was a frequent guest and where Mozart often stole the show. It features a wide variety of artistic wax reproductions of famous celebrities. The theater has three stories, with an elevator to carry the guests to the second and third floors. The interior design of the theater is made of materials that are 90% gypsum. The top ceiling features a large soffit list with two key supports in the corners. The majority of the walls in the theater are lined with intricate ornaments with curly patterns.
Boven aanzicht theater

Boven aanzicht theater

A story down from the top floor is a nice balcony with an excellent view of the theater. As you walk into the theater, you will see rows upon rows of red folding chairs with a wax figure either sitting or standing, watching the show. At the back row are two niches with a bench, and in the corners are perfectly designed decorative ornaments that feature intricate curls and highly-detailed figureheads.


The stage of the theater features a large counter with heavy curl patterns and more meticulously crafted figureheads. On both sides of the stage is a balcony featuring capstones with fine details of a large jester and a myriad of wonderful ornaments with intricate curl patterns.

All of these ornament designs and patterns are produced and installed by Schippertje. The overall motif of the whole theater is covered in light colors (mostly white). The beautiful ornaments and wall and ceiling patterns are illuminated by projectors.




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