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Do you want to know more about ornaments? We provide you not only with the very rich history of ornaments, but also with interesting information about all the different types of ornaments that have been with us for many years. Click on the three links on the left to learn more about them.

These days, there are still people who think gypsum and plaster ornaments can only be found in old and historic buildings. They believe ornaments to be outdated and think they should no longer be used in modern homes. That is not entirely correct. In fact, gypsum and plaster ornaments can complete the look of your home, regardless of the year in which it was built and no matter what kind of theme you choose to adopt in your interior design. The simple reason: ceiling moldings and ornaments have been modernized and are now able to keep up with the times.

There are now gypsum and plaster moldings and ornaments that carry modern styles and designs. This means you can now use moldings and ornaments to give your home a sleek and modern appeal. For example, you could have plinths, perk lists, or coving installed. It is also a good idea to use circular designs to achieve a modern chic overall look.

Whether you prefer a sleek perk list, a stylish coving, a rosette, decorated corners, pillars, instuc ornaments, or what we categorize as new ornaments, Plaster Cornices is sure to have the wall and ceiling décor that’s just right for you! Whatever your preference is, whatever type of home you’re trying to build, we are committed to serve your needs. Because here at Plaster Cornices, we believe that gypsum and plaster ornaments belong in each and every home.

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