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Park Inn hotel

Ceiling with Plaster Tiles

Ceilings don’t normally require intricate work. But, if you want a unique design that people can truly admire, the tile system that you see in the images is probably what you are looking for. Although conventional tiles made from gypsum are quite heavy, the special mixture of gypsum and other raw materials used in these particular tiles produces a tougher and much lighter substance that allow manufacturers to create thinner tiles. The fine lines and intricate work done on the ceiling give the room a unique quality you can be proud of.

To give the ceiling a nice depth, a kooflijst hangs along the side, 20cm below the ceiling. In addition to the added depth, the resulting recess can also be fitted with lights, resulting in a subtly illuminated room. The light that comes from the cove also provides distinction to the perfect lines and patterns on the ornaments attached to the tiled ceiling. The kooflijst used on this particular sample is the KL2163. This particular model makes it easier to mount overhead lighting using LED strips in a variety of rooms. In this example, the kooflijst, as well as the ceiling tile system, certainly complements the modern look the restaurant is trying to convey.

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